10 Booming Online Shops in the Philippines (Reviews)

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It’s the era of e-commerce and online shopping. People these days are into convenience. Instead of sticking to your regular online shops, visit and discover new ones! Here are ten online shops you might also want to know about:

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Finding geek stuff for your own geek self? It won’t be as hard as before with Abubot. It’s an online local geek store. They sell toys, games, geek wear, and other collectibles. Their website claims that all their games are original and legit. They ship to customers in the Philippines only with 2-5 working days for Metro Manila and 5-7 days for provinces. They offer Cash on Delivery only for orders with a minimum of 1000 pesos. For security reasons, they don’t do meetups. They have no physical stores but they do have a blog section with news about the stuff they sell and Facebook page for updates for new arrivals and stocks. They have items on sale and items categorized as “really cool expensive stuff”. Some of their shirts have a size chart, a fortunate way to buy a perfect fit. Sorting through their items is made easier by their drop-down filter. Returns and exchanges policy is clearly stated on their site.

The only reviews I got to view are those on their Facebook page. From the first to the last, they were commended by their happy customers telling about the fast and smooth transactions, good customer service, and the safety of the product from getting damaged.

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  • WeeMall

WeeMall is just like some of the other known online shops. They sell various items grouped into multiple categories. What I noticed is that the brands are really well known and it is safe to say that if you want to shop here, your budget must be pretty high. They do have a Sale Corner but the items are few. Another downside that I noticed, in order to really understand how their return policy, speedy delivery service, payment methods, cash on delivery, “member perks”, privacy policy work you have to read a whole page dedicated for each. That’s a really long read for the customers. I wish they made it simpler. The user interface is simple, though.


They have some filters and sorting which is good and they have a Compare Products section where the buyer can, well, compare items for better shopping decision. They offer same day delivery service.


I read about more good reviews than bad so maybe the prices are really paying off.






Widget City is a place for gadgets. It has a simple interface and no long descriptions of policies except for the warranty policy. They have their own blog which can be a great help in choosing what to buy. They offer color and price range filters which are good. You can compare products for better shopping choice. They give full details about the item. They offer different payment methods including Cash on Delivery. That’s it about Widget City. Really simple.

The reviews online are divided into good and bad. Bad reviews have consisted of complaints about the terrible service warranty, poor technical support, and even gadgets being fake. However, good comments from satisfied customers dominated the reviews.





GreatValuePlus offers a wide range of products from 100 international brands. They offer different payment methods including Cash on Delivery. They offer daily sales within a time limit.


They have super affordable items and the good things are, they divided the items according to price. The online shop is categorized, also, by price: 99 price store, 199 price store, 399 price store, 499 price store, and 699 price store. They have a really simple user interface.


Good reviews for GreatValuePlus are actually flooding the bad reviews. There are only few who have complained about this online shop.





Galleon got its name from Manila Galleons, the Spanish trading ships that brought commodities to the Philippines once or twice a year. Filipinos then were trading for goods that were not available in the country. Relatively, Galleon sells products that are not available in the Philippines! It’s the main thing that sets apart Galleon. They sell items from the US. Another cool thing about Galleon is that when your searched product won’t show up in their shop, they can buy it for you from online stores in the US or even some online stores in China. They already provided links to the shops.

They have so many categories and subcategories to look at. And, of course, it might take a long while to receive orders ranging from 6 to 12 working days given that the items are to be shipped from the US.


Reviews from the internet were good and are confirmations that Galleon is legit. Some, however, complained about the items being overpriced. But considering the shipment of the item from the US, the price is fair.

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GoBuy is a place of fashion merchandise mainly for women and some for kids and babies. Making sure that your items will fit you perfectly is not a problem. They offer some sort of a size chart showing specific lengths, heights, and other necessary parts of the clothing to mind when fitting such as the bust, shoulder, sleeve length, etc. With shoes, they also have a size chart showing lengths and widths in centimeters for each available size. There’s nothing complicated in their interface. They have their blog but it seems like that it’s not really active.

Pricewise, you wouldn’t want to shop here if you’re in saving mode. One interesting thing about GoBuy is that you can pay at any 7-Eleven store!

Reviews for this shop are found on their website. They are good reviews and comments about the easy shopping experience, great deal, fast transaction and shipping, and great quality of items with GoBuy, you can use these GoBuy Coupon to save more!





Dress.ph provides fashion merchandise for men and women. Just like GoBuy, their items have a size guide. No more guessing whether it will fit or not. You can also browse clothes or footwears at a specific size using their menu filters. You can filter items by price, color, style or even occasion. Unfortunately, they don’t offer Cash on Delivery. They offer free shipping for orders worth 1999 and above.

It was hard to find reviews for this online store but I have read good feedbacks on their Facebook page. Satisfied customers posted pictures of them wearing the products they bought. They were all good reviews.





Trends n’ Deals, from their name, offers deals daily of trendy items. They claim their offer to be “unbeatable” and low compared to “the rest of the Philippine market”! They give treats or gifts to their customers such as additional 5% with their affordable membership card, a gift certificate with messaging options for a loved one without expiration, and even a free gift for every deal offered! This even makes me want to shop for them now.


They offer varieties of payment options including Cash on Delivery. They also allow you to gift the items and ship them to another person. Aside from material items, they also sell discount flights! You can easily find trips according to your budget with their price range filter.


You can view the customers’ reviews on their website. The reviews are good commending Trends n’ Deals for their fast delivery and accommodating customer service.





Adobomall is the first real online mall in the Philippines that provides a wide selection of products from local and international brands and shops. You can view items from fashion merchandise, food and beverages, toys, books, bags, some vouchers to restaurants, even car accessories, and many more. They claim that their products are absolutely not fake. They are not open for resellers. All products are 100% authentic. They only include real distributors and real brands. This is one of the things that sets Adobomall apart from other online shops.

Adobomall is very Pinoy with the terms they use in their online shopping site. Instead of using “cart” to contain all your orders, they use “My Bayong”. This shop is being endorsed by Kris Aquino, Adobomall’s brand ambassador. They were even featured in some online articles including one from When in Manila and InqPOP!.

The interface is easy to navigate by brand. One thing that I found it lacking in the office and school supplies probably because they haven’t partnered with a brand or shop that will provide. Hopefully, they could include this soon. They have a blog but it isn’t working.

Shipping in Metro Manila will take 2 to 3 business days and 5 to 7 days nationwide. The payment options include

From the details above, it’s probably safe to say that we don’t need to read more reviews to convince us of its authenticity.





Besides being an online marketplace, Takatack is also a discovery platform making items from different online stores discoverable in their website. It affiliates with other e-commerce like Zalora and Galleon.

They offer almost all that you need as a shopper. Their items are categorized under electronic; home; food and groceries; health and beauty; women; men; toys, kids, and babies; leisure and travel; and hobbies and interest. Totally a one-stop shop. From material items to nonmaterial like Takatack vouchers.

They have multiple filters for easier tracking of an item that is suited for you and your budget. Also, they offer free shipping evident by the sign on their website saying, “Free Delivery above ₱0” and 7 days free return. A good urge to set your inner shopper self to scream. Another plus, they offer Cash on Delivery.

Unfortunately, the reviews online were more of a message of a warning than encouragements to buy at this online marketplace. They were comments of bad customer service, delayed and sometimes the absence of the update of the order, overpriced items, and orders that were not delivered.

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There you have it! Remember to always consider other customers’ say about the shops. Happy shopping!