15 Things You Must Have To Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

March 8, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Lazada

Summer 2018

Summer season is already near and approaching, making our body thirst for some sea water and crave for sand.


Some already have plans, some are still waiting for someone to ask them to come and join, but no matter where we are, we all want to enjoy this summer season and make it remarkable than the past years.


To help you achieve that summer of a lifetime experience, here are the 15  things you must have.


  1. Sunglasses

With the brightness of sunlight during summer, you need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from heat and dust. You also need one to add definition to your hot classy summer outfit.

In Lazada we have a lot of summer spectacles that will surely fit your looks. There are a variety of colors and styles that you can mix match with your summer swimwear.


Get one now: Visit Lazada.

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action camera

  1. Action Cams

Summer is the time of the year when the most exciting, wild and memorable adventure happens, so we should be sure to have a photograph or recording of that moment.


Because its hot most of the activities are done on swimming pools or beaches and we know it’s hard to risk your digicam, DSLR camera, or phone in the water just to have a memorabilia of that event. So here are the action cams like GoPro and SJCam to the rescue!


Built to capture or record the most extreme moment of your life on land, in the air or even underwater. Worry-free because it was built to last!


Order yours, now!

power bank

  1. Power banks

For sure, you are bringing your phone, camera and even your laptop to any place you are heading to this summer. You just can’t live your life without these gadgets anymore!


Nowadays, power or electricity is a necessity in our life. That is why we have invented the batteries and now we developed it into a more reliable source of power – the portable power banks.


The greater the ampere it can save the more power you can carry. But don’t worry, it comes in handy and it’s not that heavy so hassle free.


Power up your vacation!

summer tent

  1. Tent

Summer is a dry season. Clouds and rains rarely come to the sky. The best time to spend some outdoor trip or overnight sleep inside comfortable and compact, easy to assemble tent available in Lazada.


Tents differ in size, color, and form. You can be with your loved one or together with the whole gang in one tent. Choose one that suits your need.


Watch star constellations in a clear night sky and do some boy scout beach bonfire while you are inside your tent. Camp outside and live that life you have always imagine since you were a kid.


Be free and live in a tent.

waterproof bags


  1. Waterproof Bags

You brought so many things that cannot be wet with your phone and other gadgets or even money. If you are at the beach or pool chances are you will be wet. So be sure to protect your items by putting it in a waterproof bag.


Now, you are ready to really have some fun time without worrying about your things!


Order your waterproof bags here.


water resistant watch


  1. Water Resistance watch

Party there and there all day all night. This is the summer spirit. Stay cool and on time during this hot season by keeping up a watch on your wrist anywhere you are.


Keep up with your style because there are a lot of options to choose from. From a cool nice guy to hot lifeguard macho look you will never run out of a design.


Get your cool water-resistant watches!


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portable fans


  1. Portable Fan

If you are traveling and commuting, you know how hot the temperature is during these days.

From the overcrowded rail transit stations to jeepneys and buses heat is the common thing with this mode of transportations.


If you are going somewhere far this summer, make sure to bring a portable fan. Its small fan powerful enough to refresh you from the scorching heat of the sun.


Charge it with battery or your power bank. It can last for a few hours.


Bring it anywhere. Use it anytime.





You will need it! Not all places can provide one so better be ready than sorry.




  1. Swimwear

Get that game face on this summer season. Dress to impress even on the beach. Make everyone turn their heads on you with your swimming outfit.


Be comfortable and have the best in Lazada.


swimming pool balls

  1. Swimming Pool Ball

Bring on the fun! Play some games with your family and friends, but this time it will be in the water. You can play basketball, volleyball or catch its just that it is harder to move in the water.


Swimming Pool Ball is also available in Lazada.


travel pillows


  1. Travel Pillow

Traveling far from your home is tiring and energy draining so why not use your travel time to sleep and rest? To do that you will need an easy to carry travel pillow. Relax and feel the comfort while moving from one place to another.

travel headset

  1. Headset or Headphone

Let’s hear it! We can’t travel for long hours without music. But if you are commuting or you are in a crowded place you cannot use the speakers of your phone to listen to music, unless you really want to annoy other people.


A headset or headphone will solve your boring traveling time with the music.


summer hats


  1. Cap or Hat

Protect your hair and head from the dazzling heat of the sun. Wear a cap or hat anytime you go outside. It will also help you preserve your fresh cool look for long hours under the sun.

Travel id organizer

  1. Travel ID  Organizer

Keep all your documents and Identification cards all in one place. Keep them all together and accessible all the time.


Use a travel organizer and you will never lose anything again because of your carelessness.


Visit Lazada for more travel wallets.


travel drinking toys


  1. Drinking Game Toys

Party won’t be complete without wild and wet games. Feel the thrill and excitement using these toys in every game like truth or dare.


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If you have all of these things you are just heading to a very exciting summer escapade. In case you missed some you can use our discount coupons and voucher codes to purchase any of those items above.

Hope to see you somewhere this summer. Go have that adventure of a lifetime.