5 Useful Graduation Gifts You Can Buy Online

March 29, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Lazada

5 Useful Graduation Gifts You Can Buy Online


We all have that special someone who is about to graduate this year. We have witnessed how they strive and persevere to make it that far. As they are about to take another step in their lives and accomplish more, we can still be there to support them and be part of the people behind their success. Real winners help other people win!

On their marching day, here are some gift ideas that would help them prepare for their next stage in life.


corporate attire

Corporate Outfits


Going to another chapter in their life, just means that it will be a new adventure for them.

Help them suit up with a professional coat, long sleeves, pants and a pair of shoes.



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Professional Laptop


The world we are living in is now more modernized than ever. Our daily life requires connection and information from the World Wide Web. Almost all the work and projects can be done anytime, anywhere using a laptop.


Giving a piece of technology to someone you’ll know graduating is like empowering them as they face a new world.



mobile phone


Mobile Phone


A small screen device can give us access to almost all the things we need like entertainment, news, games and even purchase. We can use it for work, leisure or communication. Giving this small device as a present for succeeding in school is also like giving them a head start to succeed in the world.



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external hard drive


Portable Storage Device


We all have a lot of files digitally saved somewhere on our phone, desktop or laptop. Sometimes we run out of space because of the enormous data we collect day by day. A portable storage device will solve the problem.


Graduates need to store their work portfolio, resume and other documents to a storage device. To keep these files handy they convert it into a digital file and put it in a portable storage device so that they can bring it anywhere they are.

Give them this capacity to showcase themselves to the new people they are about to meet.



anti theftbag


Anti Theft Bag


With all these precious belongings that they might have, security should be one of the things to keep in mind.


With the new environment and community they are going, with so many unfamiliar faces they will encounter they must be on guard and secured all the time. With an anti-theft bag, they can have peace of mind after leaving the classroom and exploring the real world outside.



Now, you have an idea what to give to that graduating special someone in your life and to help you with that, here are some Lazada vouchers and discount coupons you can use in purchasing any of the items above online.