6 Collectible Items for Gamers – Available Online!

March 18, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Lazada,Shopee

6 Collectible Items for Gamers - Available Online



Good Game Well Played!

If you are playing PUBG, DOTA2, CSGO, or League of Legends, we wish that you are having a good game today.

And here are some collectible items you as a gamer must have to help you be game face ready anytime anywhere. Without delaying your game, here are they:


Gamers’ Cap


Gamer's Cap


Wearing a gamer cap while playing or not can make us feel we are on stealth mode – protecting us from dust, heat and keeps our head cool, and our identity is hidden from any outside world (Seems like we are on a top-secret mission).

Choose your style and label, with the cap color that represents your gamer persona all the time.

Wear one and be ready for your surprise attack!

You can choose different styles and design from your favorite Dota 2 teams or character. Dota 2 Caps on Lazada


Gamer Shirt and Jacket


Gamer's Jacket hoodie


Bring your fashion style from the gaming world to the real world. Wear that cool Dota character shirts or that shirt with your team’s logo embedded on it, with pride!


D' Armory by WXC


D’Armory by WomboXCombo is a gamer clothing brand giving us full access to latest gaming trends and shirt designs. With D’Armory, we will never run out style in every game of our life.

Visit D’Armory: https://www.facebook.com/darmorybywxc/

Feel and harness the gaming power while wearing these tops!


Dota 2 and LOL Hoodie Jacket


Refresher Mugs &Tumbler


Dota 2 mugs


We are not just thirsty for victory and triumph. Literally, we are also thirsty for some sugared water or caffeine.

It is because playing games can be nerve-wracking, intense and even arduous at most of the time. Having a tumbler filled with your favorite thirst quencher will help you keep up with long hours of hard and difficult game situation.

Power up your gaming with a gulp of vitality.



Toys and Collectible Figures


Online games action figures



We gamers always have that best pick or a hero always in mind. We want them not just because we can play well using them, but also because they represent us in the digital gaming world.

Having a piece of them or toys that we can see every day will keep our gaming spirit on fire. A thing that will always make us remember that awesome game we had using them and how unstoppable we can become.


Get a piece of your best pick and feel that God Liked spirit!



Lucky Keychains


PUBG Keychains


We gamers love to collect precious things like emblems and key chains. In some ways, we need this keychain as an identification object to determine where the team we belong and what side we are with. It can also be used to represent the games we play and the characters or heroes we are using.


Empower your luck in every game and play with all your might!



Gaming Mouse and Keyboard


Pubg Mouse Pad


Feel the gaming power with your hands. Upgrade your gaming experience with a fast and cool gaming mouse and keyboard. It comes in different colors and styles that will suit whatever type of gamer you are.

Be fast, accurate and precise in every game.

Get these gaming arsenals in your hand and feel the power in every victory.



Equip yourself with all of these items and feel the gaming experience you have not felt before. Don’t just leave that gamer you inside that screen, rather bring that gamer you outside too!

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