Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does iVoucherExpress works?

I. Choose the shop of your choice.
II. Find an offer and grab the discount.
III. Shop and make use of the discount.

2. What is a voucher code?

A voucher code is a set of a number or words that can be used to avail discount, or as a mean of payment.

3. How can I use a voucher code?

I. Choose the shop on our webshops list.
II. Click the voucher code you want to use.
III. Browse items in the shop site that will appear.
V. Upon check out, find the field where you can place the voucher code.

How to use Voucher codes

4. Can I return my orders on iVoucherExpress?

No, we are just a coupon site that can provide you deals, discount and coupon codes that you can use on your shopping. You can return your items to the shop where you purchased your order.

5. Why does my code won't work?

Here are the common problems if the coupon code does not work:

I. You misspelled the coupon code. We suggest to copy and paste the coupon code upon usage.
II. The voucher code has minimum orders. Make sure you purchase enough items to use the voucher code.
III. The voucher code has a maximum limit. Sometimes the code has terms like "first 500 customers only", "limit to Php 10,000 discount" etc. If this is so, it's better to subscribe to our newsletter for code updates.
IV. A discount code is expired. There is always a limitation in using a discount code.

Check first if there are terms and condition of the coupon code that you choose to avoid problems.

For more question and suggestions, you can reach us through our contact form.