Gift Ideas This Valentine’s Day and Where You Can Buy

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Valentine's Gift Discounts

It’s the season of love once again. This is the month when people are really showing their love care and appreciation to one another through gifts like flowers, chocolates and love letters.

We know that you are having a hard time right now thinking for gifts you can give to your loved one or your girlfriend, but don’t worry, we got your back.


A bouquet of lovely flowers.

Who doesn’t want to receive a well-decorated wrap of fresh flowers on Valentine’s day?

Dude if you have time and you want to save money go to Dangwa. Going there will give you access to all sorts, kinds, and colors of flowers you might want to give her at the cheapest possible price.

Here is the map to get there.

But if you have no time and have the money, go call or message that nearby flower shop. They will do all the decorations with all the flowers you want to include and they will even deliver it right away on your doorsteps.

Check here the flower shops near you.

Sugared Sweet Chocolates

Yeah, they will tell you they don’t want to receive chocolates this Valentine’s day because they are avoiding all the nutrients that can cause fats, believe me, they still love to see chocolates on their desk.

There are a lot of chocolates and you will not run out of options but here is a tip bro, check her facebook account and check the pages she is following and look for a page about chocolates and that is to get one from that brand.


Love letters and cards

We know you can be this sweet sometimes, you can always write a love letter full of sweet thoughts to remind her how much she means to you. But if writing is not really your thing you can always buy some cards at hallmark or papemelroti. We are sure they have a card that can express your thoughts and feelings for that lucky girl.


Cute and Huggable Stuff Toys

We always want to give our loved ones something that would last and something that they can always see or touch, to remind her that there someone out there who loves her – and that is you.
Giving her a stuffed toy like a teddy bear or her favorite cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Stitch would be a great idea to be always remembered.

Blue magic is a store where you can buy many variations of stuff toys. Just check a nearby SM mall and for sure there is an outlet or store.

Tip: Check if she is collecting any cartoon character and buy her a stuffed toy for that. She would really appreciate it and will make you more interesting.


Bright and Precious Jewelry

It’s not bad to really invest into giving her a precious gem, a silver bracelet or gold necklace if you can afford. If she’s worth it go to the nearest jewelry store near you. You can check this link:


You can also shop online for your Valentine gifts

There are a lot of shopping website and apps like Lazada where you can find products like what we have listed above with great deals and promos, especially this Valentine season.

Here you can find more things you can send to her directly, from a small ring to a super huge teddy bear. Hussle free! You can save a lot of time because you can shop online using your mobile device anytime and anywhere at the touch of your fingertips.

If you are worried about your payment security, well, you don’t have to! There are a lot of options to pay the item/s you purchased, without using your credit or debit card. You can pay it at the time of delivery or you can also pay it using the Lazada e-wallet by loading your app through partner stores like 7 11. With these options you can assure that the product will come on time and in your money is protected. Of course, we won’t let you down on this special day!


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Now, you have many ideas what and where you can buy your gifts this Valentine season, but don’t forget to set your date and to prepare. Make us proud!

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