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Grab a Car and Grab a Promo Code!


Grab is one of the fastest growing transportation platforms in Southeast Asia. It started with a group of friends discussing the inconvenience of getting a taxi and actually creating an app that could solve the problem. Thus, Grab was born, MyTeksi as it was first been called. Now, Grab operates in six different countries including the Philippines where it is well received.


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Grab provides an easy way to find comfortable transportation.  Passengers can choose from GrabTaxi, GrabCar, which also has options from a sedan, 6-seater cars and premium cars, and their latest offer, GrabShare. With GrabTaxi, riders are able to book cabs without having the trouble of stopping them on the road. With just an additional booking fee of P70.00, passengers may enjoy the comfort of taxi cabs. Most Grab clients prefer to ride privately-owned cars and so they book GrabCar. It is like sitting in your own car with no one else but your driver. There are also riders who find ways to lower their fees by booking GrabShare. With GrabShare, riders get to share their booked vehicle with other passengers and it costs less. Besides these efficient offers, Grab also provides customers with voucher codes to help them enjoy their ride.


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How are Grab vouchers earned?


Here are some ways where you can earn Grab coupons:

  • First rides - Grab offers promo codes for first-time users. They let their customers find their Grab voucher through the app or sometimes, with the help of third-party websites such us iVoucher Express.
  • Loyal customers - Every enterprise loves loyal clients and they also love giving them freebies. Grab provides exclusive vouchers to loyal customers who had chosen Grab as their usual means of transportation.
  • Holidays and Events - Grab knows people intend to travel during holidays and notable events. To invite customers to ride with Grab, they provide them with promo codes to help them gain discounts during these days.
  • Random Days - Grab is fond of giving away discounts, they do it on weekdays and even on weekends. Check your app or your email, you might find a Grab voucher code giving you random discounts.




Besides Grab coupons, Grab also has a feature called GrabRewards. For every P10 spent on any ride, a customer is entitled 1 reward point. Customers may access their points through the Grab app. It is also available on their website. There are numerous rewards Grab offers but so far, the most popular would be Spotify Premium offer. Customers may use their points to upgrade their Spotify accounts to premium using their GrabRewards. However, riders or should we say, you, should be mindful of their points as they have expiration dates. To know more about GrabRewards, you may visit their website or simply click here.

Indeed Grab has touched the hearts of Filipino commuters. It is easy, simple and most of all, efficient. We at iVoucher Express, are proud to be affiliated with this company. So what are you waiting for? Explore our website, get your discounts and enjoy!